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How Light-Sensitive Brain Cells Keep Us Awake

US scientists have found a group of brain cells that controls whether light arouses us (or not). They suggest the cells rely on a neurotransmitter to tell them whether they should be active or not in response to light. You

Apples Significantly Lower LDL Cholesterol Levels In Older Women

Older women who consume apples everyday were found to have an average of 23% reduced LDL cholesterol levels within six months and a 4% increase in HDL cholesterol, researchers from The Florida State University explained in the Experimental Biology 2011

Dangerous Genital Herpes May Be Hidden, Get Checked!

A new Swedish study has found that herpes may be more hidden than previously thought and just not having visual confirmation of the sexually transmitted disease doesn’t mean you aren’t infected. In the study, just four out of ten patients

Antibiotic Resistance Can Be Reversed By Honey

Manuka honey could be an efficient way to clear chronically infected wounds and could even help reverse bacterial resistance to antibiotics, according to research presented at the Society for General Microbiology’s Spring Conference in Harrogate. Professor Rose Cooper from the

Slow-Growing Prostate Cancer: 'Active Surveillance' May Be Better Option Than Treatment For Older Men

“Active surveillance”, involving annual biopsy, may be a better treatment option than tumor removal through surgery or radiation therapy for older men with slow-growing prostate cancer that does not dramatically worsen over time, said US researchers. The Johns Hopkins study

What is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic health and healing has been defined as the consideration of health in the light of all factors – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. Unfortunately no one is that transcendant or that smart, and this beautiful ideal has to be tempered

Thousands of American Airlines employees sickened by new uniforms … Toxic chemicals?

More than 70,000 new uniforms released as part of a long-awaited American Airlines employee apparel reboot are the subject of a potential recall after flight attendants, pilots, customer service agents, and airline club workers reportedly began experiencing serious adverse health

Causing autism before birth – is that the insidious goal of Big Pharma's new push for vaccinating babies in the womb?

Has there ever been “vaccine safety science?” Ever since the disputed Polio vaccination was “discovered” by Dr. Jonas F. Salk, fear and propaganda have been the only advertising needed to convince a couple hundred million Americans that vaccines are safe

Another study links diet soda to weight gain

A recent study has added more weight (pun intended) to the argument that artificial sweeteners do not help people in controlling their weight – in fact, the consumption of diet drinks actually contributes to obesity. This latest investigation on the

Half of children's headphones fail 'safe' volume limit, false advertising rampant

In many ways American industry and the private sector are dramatically over-regulated by bureaucrats in government – both state and local. That’s something president-elect Trump has vowed to reduce, and based on his cabinet picks, he seems to be serious.